It’s April Fool’s Day! While we hope you enjoy this day in the name of lighthearted fun and good laughter, Five Star Dayton Plumbing is taking a different approach. We’re all about keeping it real in the world of plumbing maintenance. Sorting fact from fiction is crucial to avoid costly errors and protect your home’s infrastructure. With so many plumbing myths out there, it’s tough to decide what is true. As your local plumbing experts, join us as we chat about some common plumbing myths we’ve come across and “bust” them. 

Plumbing Myth 1  

  • Using Chemical Drain Cleaners: One common plumbing myth is that store-bought chemical drain cleaners work like magic for clogs. While they may seem like a quick and convenient option, the truth is they can really mess up your pipes in the long term, causing leaks and creating more blockages. Plus, they’re not great for your health or the environment. It’s honestly best to stay away from using them altogether. 
  • Enforce Best Practices Instead: Opting for mechanical methods such as plunging or using a drain snake is not only safer but also more effective in the long run, keeping your plumbing system intact. For bigger, stubborn clogs, it’s wise to reach out to a professional plumber. Also, drain screens work great to prevent future clogs; preventative care is so helpful and highly recommended! 

Plumbing Myth 2  

  • Running Hot Water to Wash Grease Out: Another plumbing misconception is that it is safe to use hot water to wash grease down the drain. While it might seem like a good idea at the moment, it makes things worse later on. This is because hot water only briefly melts grease. When it cools, the grease hardens, leading to tough clogs in your pipes.  
  • Enforce Best Practices Instead: To counter this plumbing myth, just stash the grease in a container and toss it in the trash or recycle it. This little trick can save you from pricey plumbing troubles later on, sparing you the hassle and unwarranted expenses. 

Plumbing Myth 3  

  • Using Flushable Wipes: Many folks think flushable wipes are fine to toss in the toilet because that’s how they’re advertised. But don’t buy into this myth. Consider this myth busted! Even though they say “flushable,” these wipes don’t break down like toilet paper and can clog up your plumbing, costing you big bucks down the road. Unfortunately, they can build up in pipes, leading to backups and nasty sewage spills – none of which you would enjoy dealing with. 
  • Enforce Best Practices Instead: To dodge this plumbing myth and prevent disasters, just remember to flush only toilet paper and toss other wipes in the trash. 

Plumbing Myth 4  

  • Flushing Feminine Products: Flushing feminine hygiene products down the toilet is also not okay, despite popular belief. It’s a common myth we come across. But let’s break it down. Tampons, pads, and similar items are made to soak up liquid and, as a result, swell when wet, which can easily block pipes. So, when you flush these products, you risk serious clogs in your plumbing and potential damage to sewer lines. 
  • Enforce Best Practices Instead: Counter this plumbing myth by tossing feminine hygiene products in the trash to avoid pricey plumbing repairs and environmental harm. It might feel like a hassle, but trust us, you won’t regret looking after your plumbing with these easy steps. 

Don’t get tricked by these common plumbing myths! Setting the record straight on common plumbing misconceptions is key to keeping your plumbing system healthy and functional. Remember, skip the chemical drain cleaners, keep grease out of the sink, dispose of flushable wipes properly, and avoid flushing feminine products to avoid damage and costly repairs, and let’s face it, major headaches! Remember, for reliable plumbing advice, turn to a licensed plumber. If you want more tips on caring for your plumbing, feel free to check out our other blog posts! 

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