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While homeownership is often associated with responsibilities and obligations, what many don’t know is that plumbing-related emergencies are the source of many home repairs. Therefore, we firmly taking timely action in such a situation can help you avoid costly repairs from water damage. Don’t wait to address a plumbing emergency. The longer you delay, the more damage will occur to your home by way of your furniture, walls, and floors. Thus, the more expensive repairs become. Educating yourself on this matter will not only protect your finances, but it’ll also provide you with a greater sense of security by knowing how to handle these situations. At Five Star Dayton Plumbing, we offer timely and effective advice about how to handle these emergencies for your peace of mind. 

Are You Ready to Face an Unexpected Plumbing Emergency?  

Here’s How to Prepare! 

  1. Be Calm- Don’t let plumbing problems overwhelm you. So, take a deep breath and remember to look at the bigger picture. Making decisions from an educated stance rather than one of panic is essential in such chaotic moments, so it’s crucial that you remain focused and level-headed as you inspect your circumstances prior to taking action! 
  1. Have a Stockpile of Old Towels, Rags, & Buckets Ready- Although this may seem like an insignificant suggestion, it can be immensely beneficial in the event of a plumbing emergency! Gather all your worn-out towels, rags, and extra buckets and keep them somewhere where they are easy to obtain. This way, you’ll always have supplies on hand for any unexpected plumbing issues that arise. 
  1. Note Where Your Main Water Supply Is- Taking the initiative now can greatly help you down the line. So, make sure all of age family members are aware of where your home’s main water shutoff valve is located and how to operate it. Don’t wait until a plumbing emergency arises. At the moment that you are dealing with a gushing faucet or leaking toilet, you don’t want to waste your time wandering around looking for the main water supply. 
  1. Contact a Licensed Professional- Don’t waste your precious time and energy trying to DIY if you don’t have the necessary licensing. Instead, take quick action by contacting a certified plumber as quickly as possible for prompt resolution of your plumbing issue! Leave it up to Five Star Dayton Plumbing if you don’t have a local plumber you can rely on. We are trustworthy licensed specialists committed to quality service and results. 

In the event of an Unforeseen Plumbing Emergency, What Steps Should You Take?    

In the event of a plumbing emergency, here are some steps we believe every homeowner can take on: 

Turn Off the Water Supply        

When you encounter a plumbing emergency, it is essential to locate and shut off the relevant water source as quickly as possible. As an example, if your toilet is leaking, take a look behind the commode and find its designated valve in order to immediately stop any running water – it usually is shaped like a football with knob-like features. To properly shut off the water, rotate the knob clockwise until it is tight. Another example is if you have a faulty faucet, look for its individual shutoff valve directly beneath your sink and turn to the right; it’s that easy! Nonetheless, if you can’t find the specific valve for the problematic component, simply flipping off the main water supply (which we mentioned earlier) will do the trick. However, just be aware that all running water in your household will cease when doing so – not just in the affected area. 

Inspect Your Electrical Appliances and Outlets    

Now that you have stopped the water from flowing, it is crucial to inspect your appliances and outlets if you are faced with flooding or standing water so that further damage can be avoided. To avert this hazardous scenario from escalating, take into consideration the possibility of floodwater damaging electronics by turning off the main circuit breaker if needed and unplugging all electronic devices that have been affected. 

Clean Up Any Excess Water   

Time is of the essence when it comes to water damage. Swiftly dry out standing water with towels, rags, or whatever else is necessary to reduce any further damage. In addition, an electric fan can make this process even more efficient. Acting quickly and taking proactive steps to clean up can help you stay ahead of water damage. Not to mention, it may also be helpful when your plumber arrives to have the mess cleared out of the way so that they can properly assess the issue. 

Unexpected plumbing issues can be a shock, but with our tips, it doesn’t have to feel impossibly overwhelming. Now you are better prepared for any future plumbing emergencies! If you need further help – don’t hesitate to reach out and call Five Star Dayton Plumbing. We’re committed and ready for your call! Call us today at (937) 230-6506, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!