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We at Five Star Dayton Plumbing believe everyone should have the bathroom they deserve, equipped with everything they need. Our bathroom remodeling and renovation experts help homeowners rebuild the bathroom of their dreams at affordable prices within the local market. We service both commercial and residential properties!

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Professional Bathroom Remodeling in Miami Valley, Ohio

Having worked in area homes helping hard-working homeowners for decades, we at Five Star Dayton Plumbing are always ready and equipped to handle just about any bathroom remodel project out there. We offer a wide range of options available with special offers and online deals so that you don’t have to hire any other contractor.

Homeowners who remodel or renovate their bathrooms agree it gives their home a fresh look and luxurious feeling while enriching everyone’s lives. So whether you’re looking to have a new sink installed, want a glass shower, backsplash, toilet upgrade, a customer shower head, a walk-in bathtub, or an elegant tile floor, we at Five Star Dayton Plumbing are always more than happy to help!

Our services include:

  • New toilet installation
  • Tile floor installation
  • Shower conversion
  • New shower door or walk-in tub installation
  • Drainage work
  • Vanity installation and mirror installation
  • Drywall or cement board installation
  • New faucets, sinks and shower fixtures
  • The bathroom of your dreams
  • And much more!
Bathroom Remodels

Proud Clarion Bathware® Partner

Whether you need a shower and a tub in one space or want the most space-efficient option, American-made, Clarion Bathware tub/shower combinations are a great choice. Enjoy the refreshing space of a tub in combination with the utility of a shower stall. Our vacuum-formed, one-piece units are made-to-order for new construction or remodeling needs. Available in both white and biscuit colors, consider a tempting array of sizes, shapes, and options in both Premium Cast Acrylic. Call today for more information on our Clarion Products! (937) 230-6506

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4 Types of Bathroom Renovations

Small Bathroom Renovations

Traditionally, a small bathroom will consist of either a shower or bathtub, a sink, vanity, mirror, and toilet. However, it is important to note that lack of space should never deter the design process, with endless bathroom design ideas available to combat a cramped room. Floating fixtures such as vanities and toilets from the walls maximize this often unused space and help make the room seem visually more significant, as well as make cleaning a breeze by allowing access to the floor underneath. 

Master Bathroom Renovations

Master bathrooms are commonly used by two or more people, so the His & Hers style with double vanities, mirrors and shower heads is very popular. A bathtub, separate shower, ample storage and semi-private toilet are also found in the master bathroom; plus additional extras such as TVs and fireplaces, where the budget allows. A master bath should be designed to spoil the user; creating a peaceful space tucked away from the busy world for relaxation and solitude, filled with luxurious touches. Think marble, custom tiles and luxury fixtures.

Laundry-Bathroom Combo Renovations

When space is tight, it is not uncommon to combine laundry and bathroom areas – particularly in small apartments. The most important element to focus on when planning these dual-purpose spaces is not losing the bathroom’s sense of calm, which can be achieved by concealing the laundry appliances. All-in-one combos or stackable washers/dryers are great space savers, and allow them to be packed away into built-in cupboards. 

Guest Bathroom Renovations

One of the most important elements in a guest bathroom is ample storage and space. When friends and family visit, it is likely they will bring a number of toiletries and supplies of their own – so a well-planned guest bathroom should allow plenty of space for visitors to spread their belongings out. Open shelving is optimal in guest bathrooms, allowing for an open display of bath or shower accessories, as well as linens and other necessities, encouraging guests to take what they need without having to dig through your cupboards.

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Bathroom Remodel FAQ

What does the remodeling process look like?

A lot of work can go into a bathroom remodel, work that may involve a number of unique and particular tasks. Such tasks are best completed in a particular order, for the sake of maximum efficiency and minimal complications due to, say, present activities disrupting old work.

Now, we’re about to take a closer look at the sequential steps of remodeling a bathroom, broken up into phases. First, however, let’s remind ourselves that all of this is somewhat flexible. While there is a general order that bathroom remodels follow, it can be modified to better fit the specifics of a given project.

Broadly speaking, the remodel process includes laying the groundwork, setting the stage, the waterworks, design, and defining the atmosphere.

Why should I remodel my bathroom?

Remodeling your bathroom can be a significant undertaking. It requires some time and monetary investment, and it results in substantial changes to a substantial room of your home. In light of that, it’s natural to pause before starting a bathroom remodel and wonder if you should be starting one at all.

Does Five Star ever work with subcontractors?

We do, but not for plumbing. Depending on the scope of the work, we may partner up with construction companies or carpenters to get the job done right.

Choose Five Star for Bathroom Remodels in Dayton, OH

Bathroom remodels, like any home renovation work, are major projects! Bathrooms are one of the most important and personal rooms in a dwelling. They are also extremely essential. When you hire Five Star Dayton Plumbing for your residential bathroom restoration or remodeling, you can rest assured with peace of mind knowing you are in good hands and you are hiring the top-notch doing business with the best. We are careful to work hard to minimize any interference with your daily routine during your bathroom restoration or remodeling project.

We go to tremendous lengths to take the highest precautions to keep dust and construction material cleaned up while we work. We also make it a point to leave any area we perform work in spotless after we are finished. As far as bathroom construction contractors in Dayton, Ohio and surrounding areas, Five Star Dayton Plumbing comes highly recommended and stands behind it’s reputation with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. For master bathroom projects we discuss design consultations. We offer free estimates and free consultations. There are never any sort of hidden fees. Call (937) 230-6506 today and leave your plumbing work to the professionals who care.

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